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Game Sprite Archives Probably one of the biggest sites, contains animated and still sprites, plus additional material for cetain games.
The ShyGuy Kingdom Sprite sheets from various games and systems.
VideoGameSprites.net Many sprites, primarily from RPG games.
The Spriters Resource Features sprite sheets from many platforms.
Sprite Database Various sheets from various games and systems. Extras as well.
OpenGameArt.org Legal art for open source game projects.
VGMaps.com Contains maps for several games. Some of my own work is there.
VGMapper Contains maps, sprites, and other things. Takes requests.
Sprite Stitch A blog about sprite cross-stitchings and other crafts.
In The Hand A personal blog about sprite cross-stitchings.
Nintendo Game Maps Contains maps and sprites from several classic NES games.
NES Player Contains a sprite archive of certain NES games.

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