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No More Updates
I'm uploading all future sprites I rip to The Spriter's Resource. Not really getting enough traffic or submissions to warrant putting anymore time into this site. Also the single image approach vs sheets doesn't really seem to be popular. Oh well.
09/20/2010 01:20 PM PDT - DarkWolf
New Sprites, Finally
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with RealLife(tm) and GirlFriend(tm). I added some Xargon sprites since someone pointed out that the source code had been released and it was fairly trivial to extract the game graphics.

I'd really like it if more people would submit sprites. The site is only going to grow so much if I continue to do it mostly by myself.
12/09/2009 08:28 AM PST - DarkWolf
Heroes of Might and Magic II
Thanks to some clever guys I am able to finally extract the sprites from Heroes of Might and Magic II. Check out the Free Heroes 2 Engine project.
07/22/2009 07:02 PM PDT - DarkWolf
Better Search
If you haven't noticed, the Tag Search has been replaced with just a Search section. Now you can look for sprites by their file name too. You can still browse by tag.

Also I spent several hours this weekend grabbing sprites from Shining in the Darkness; the younger brother to the Shining Force series.
03/22/2009 04:32 PM PDT - DarkWolf

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