Pixel Warehouse
Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't these images copyrighted?
Yes, this site is for entertainment purposes only. All images are copyright of their respective holders, not the contributers of this site. We give credit to the those who contribute sprites for taking time to rip them, but they do not necessarily have ownership. Use at your own risk.
Why don't you have sprite sheets or animations?
Although sprite sheets are nice to group sprites together, it is harder to make additions, subtractions, etc. Also, most modern operating systems support thumbnail views. I don't have animations for two reasons. The first, I've moved to PNG, and there is not a good standard PNG format that supports animations. Second, I did not want users to have to disassemble animated GIFs to get one particular still image.
Why won't your sprites show up on my web page or forum post?
I have hotlinking prevention in place. If you wish to use the sprites on your web page or in a forum, please save a copy on your own web server or image host.
How can I contact you?
darkwolf (insert the at sign here) garoux (the dot should go here) net